Pure Air Conditioning | Locations and Coverage

Our Location

Located in Tongwell, Milton Keynes, we at Pure Air Conditioning have a variety of travel options. Due to our extensive fleet of vehicles and experienced engineering staff, we are able to provide air conditioning to large portions of the country. Furthermore, our Sales Team is fully equipped to journey to your home or place of work and provide you with a fulfilling and in depth quotation process.

Locations and Coverage

Following on, below is a list of locations we at Pure Air aim to cover for your air conditioning needs. If you can not see your location listed, do not worry! Give us a call on 01908 221223 or alternatively email us at sales@pure-group.co.uk and we can certainly find a solution for you.




Leighton Buzzard

Milton Keynes


Pure Air Vehicles

At Pure we have a fleet of 30+ vehicles. This allows us to cover a wide area and means our engineers are always on the move. Our sales team are also able to go and see clients whenever and wherever they are needed. We have taken the time to ensure our vans are well branded, and can be seen very easily. Below is a small gallery of our vehicles.

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