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“Customers are much easier to lose than gain”

The entire ethos of Pure Air Conditioning is based on this statement. Our foundations are based on the belief that standards must be set, maintained, then raised. This will ensure we retain existing customers, and attract new clients in the future. As Pure Air Conditioning has grown, so has it’s phenomenal client base. We believe this is due to the ever expanding staff base and the customer service we provide. With some of the biggest names being RSR Interiors, Fossil, and Redbull Racing, it is important we keep our standards high and maintain a level of service to meet the requirements of these clients. This attitude is carried down so that the same respect and service is given to anyone, from a large office installation to a small domestic install.

Pure Air Conditioning Within the Industry

The world of Air Conditioning is changing constantly, and we at Pure strive to keep up with the ever-changing requirements of customers and suppliers alike. Mitsubishi Electric have recently brought out a selection of Eco-friendly products for use in the home and in industry. Pure Air Conditioning offer greener solutions by matter of course, quoting units that qualify for Government rebates and allowances to ensure our clients are enjoying reduced energy use and lower running costs. At Pure we endeavour to reduce carbon emissions wherever possible.

With all the changes that happen in the industry, we aim to keep one thing the same – affordability. We understand that not everyone can afford the latest Eco-friendly technology and some don’t want it at all. With so many alternatives available, we try to provide you with as many options as possible. To find out more about our installation options, click here.

As Pure Air has expanded, we have branched into other areas. Below are some links to our other sites and the departments we cover. Click to find out more.



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