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Portable Air Conditioning Systems

Fixed air conditioning is a wonderful way to cool your home, however not always convenient. Here at Pure Air Conditioning we offer a portable air conditioning hire service. Our portable units are top of the range, and are able to both cool and heat your home or workplace. This makes them an ideal temporary solution during the hot and the cold weather, or during an emergency breakdown. We have a variety of hire options, and also offer the option to purchase the units outright.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

Portable air conditioning is ideal for those who do not want a permanent fixture. At Pure Air Conditioning there are multiple types of unit available, depending on the space you are trying to cool. This ranges from a small unit ideal for a bedroom, to large industrial units for offices and warehouses. For more information on what type of unit you require, call the office on 01908 221223 and one of our friendly staff members will help find the type of system you need. Furthermore, you can also find more information about our hire units by visiting our sister company, Iceboys Ltd. Iceboys was just the beginning for Pure. Find out more about the history of the company here.

portable air conditioning

Hire Options

To hire out a portable air conditioning unit, we require a minimum of four weeks hire. Unit hires are priced per week, and more price information can be found here. Delivery of portable air conditioning is free inside of Milton Keynes, however a small charge is applied to deliveries outside of Milton Keynes. To obtain even more hire information, email sales@pure-group.co.uk or alternatively call the office on 01908 221223.

Purchase Options

To purchase a new portable unit, or to buy an on hire unit, call the office on 01908 221223 or email sales@pure-group.co.uk.

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