The Coolest Airbnb Spots to Check into This Summer

Summer has started to roll in and for all those stuck in stuffy offices that means it’s time to dream of greener pastures and plan a holiday for some real escape.

For those looking for more than your typical break without compromising on top-class facilities, Airbnb is your answer. With over half a million listings in 192 countries, Airbnb has blown-up to be the coolest way to travel right now.

Forget sweltering summer sunburn and tourist madness, these getaways offer the latest technology and design with truly unique travel experiences so that you can keep cool, and be cool this summer. Take a look at our picks.

1. Cottage Home – Laugarvatn, Iceland

Cottage Home - Laugarvatn, Iceland

Photograph: Airbnb

A beautiful, unique gem nestled in the middle of a lush old lava-field, this cottage is as cosy as it is cool. Its pyramid design was built to reflect the Icelandic landscape and you’re sure to feel at one with nature as you gaze out of the glass apex roof onto the starry night sky and even the Northern Lights, if you’re lucky!

With three bedrooms, a well-stocked stocked kitchen, a hot tub and a ‘vast array’ of gadgets, it’s perfect for families or couples that just want a modern retreat.

2. Seashell House – Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Seashell House - Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Photograph: Airbnb

Feast your eyes on an adventurous architect’s dream. The sea shell house in Mexico attracts a lot of attention but’s neatly tucked away from too many of the tourist hot spots.

Speaking of hot, you’ll be sure to stay cool in this neat and nifty abode. With free Wi-Fi, remote-controlled air conditioning in every room, a swimming pool and gardens, enjoy the best of the Caribbean sun while truly feeling like your living in a giant, complex seashell!

3. Desert Island – Nanuku Levu, Fiji

Desert Island - Nanuku Levu, Figi

Photograph: Airbnb

Ever thought about owning your own island? Well now you can, in the heart of Fiji. It may not have all the amenities but that’s not the point. Escape into nature with the bare necessities for a truly rare and incredible experience for adventurous travellers.

Apart from the excitement, staying on a desert island is actually a perfect way to chill-out as you’ll have none of the distractions that are so abundant in everyday life. Nothing but the sun, the sand and the sea – ah, bliss.

4. Beach Airstream – Rye, Australia

Beach Airstream - Rye, Australia

Photograph: Airbnb

The coolest way to combine glamour and camping. Airstreams are the latest trend for ‘happy glamper’ travellers. Shiny, seemingly space-age vintage camper vans are now kitted-out with the latest interior design and technology.

This spot is a rare and idyllic treat as it perches politely on the edge of the Mornington Peninsula, one of the most stunning locations Australia has to offer. Complete with a funky interior and full air conditioning, this Airstream is a great base to explore the area or relax and enjoy the gorgeous view.


If these ideas are getting you hot and bothered then it could be time to book a holiday! But don’t be rash; be sure to do the right research so that you’re getting quality stay that’s complete with comforts to keep you cool in the lovely summer months to come.

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What Came Before: The History Of Air Conditioning

What Came Before

Contemporary air-conditioning has become an indispensable commodity in many parts of the world, but the concept is older than you might think. Whilst modern scientists explore solar solutions and sweat over ways to conserve energy, here are some of the most revolutionary indoor-cooling inventions from the environmentally-savvy ancients.

Roman Aqueducts

The remnants of Roman aqueducts can be found across Europe, their bulk supported by towering, partially-crumbled arches. In Rome’s heyday, entire cities containing millions of residents relied on hundreds of miles of these waterways to keep them supplied with fresh aqua pura.

This system was engineered to serve a dual purpose and provide air conditioning to the homes of Rome’s premier citizens. Pipes were installed to channel water through the walls of select houses, cooling the brickwork and lowering the room temperature. This innovative air-conditioning concept proves that as well as being peopled by master military tacticians, Rome also contained some brilliant minds capable of incredibly impressive feats of engineering.

Ancient Chinese Giant Fans

In the 2nd century, Ding Huan, an artisan and inventor of the Han Dynasty, developed a 3m wide, manual-powered rotary fan with seven wheels. Five hundred years later hydraulic power was brought into play and the cogs of early Chinese air-conditioning began to turn again. Tang Dynasty Emperor Xuanzong used the principles of the technology to create the aptly named Cool Hall in his palace.

According to contemporary records, the room contained water-powered rotary fan wheels, and water which rose up in jets from multiple fountains placed around the room. The revolutionary concept must have been particularly warmly received by the servants who had formerly been assigned to fan-rotation duty, and also proved to be a great hit with subsequent members of the Song Dynasty, who helped fund further technological developments.

Medieval Persian Wind Towers

Five hundred years ago, medieval Persians invented ingenious towers based on two thousand year-old wind scoops. These buildings featured windows for capturing prevailing winds, and internal vanes to funnel cooler air into the buildings below and draw warm air out. In some instances, water was added to the scenario via pools of collected rainwater which cooled the air flowing over them as they evaporated.

Wind towers worked as effective natural air-conditioning systems in desert climates where average summer temperatures exceeded 35°C. Rich Persian merchants built breath-taking structures across the Gulf, creating environmentally-friendly constructions with a ton of aesthetic appeal. These wind towers can still be found in pockets of the Middle East, and in Dubai there are a number of structures interspersed amongst the city’s skyscraper dominated skyline.

Millennia ago, ancient civilisations had already developed sustainable air-conditioning systems, which were environmentally-friendly and free of pollutants. The task for modern scientists is to develop solar solutions to combat the high-energy consumption of contemporary designs, without restricting them to a privileged few.

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Nature’s Systems: Energy Conserving Air Conditioning Solutions

Nature’s Systems

A number of designers have recently turned to biomimicry in order to develop better cooling technologies. With an endemic of heat waves across the globe, air-conditioning usage has shot up. Contemporary systems require a large amount of energy to power them, so designers are looking to nature for some energy-conserving solutions.

Ventilation Inspired By Termites

Termites use an ingenious system of air pockets to generate natural ventilation through convection. Scientists noted that large termite mounds in Africa stayed surprisingly cool inside even when temperatures reached their zenith. This concept was the inspiration behind architect Mike Pearce’s design for Eastgate Centre, a large office and shopping complex in Zimbabwe. The building is cooled by air from outside, reducing energy consumption by ten percent when compared to conventional air-conditioning.

Countercurrent Heat Exchange Inspired By Birds

To help them survive in cold climates, ducks and penguins have an innovative adaptation to protect them from the elements. Body heat is conserved by a countercurrent configuration, which warms the blood closest to the animal’s core and cools the blood at the edge of its extremities. This system has been duplicated in the design of shell tube heat exchangers used for industrial-scale heating and cooling, in order to maximise efficiency.

Moisture Absorption Inspired By Ticks

The design of liquid dessicant dehumidifiers is a further example of biomimicry, mirroring the manner in which brown dog ticks secrete to absorb water from the air. The system is designed to draw humidity from the air inside a building.

Fans Inspired By Tornadoes and Whirlpools

PAX Scientific’s slogan is ‘Capturing the Force of Nature’. The enterprises produces fans which utilise the logarithmic spiral shape found in natural phenomena including tornadoes, whirlpools, and even airflow in the human trachea. They claim that this design concept increases cooling efficiency and reduces turbulence.

Fans Inspired By Whale Flippers

An enterprise called WhalePower has developed a fan based on the bumpy design of a humpback whale’s flipper. The company claims that this produces greater lift, thus moving a greater quantity of air. The fans are said to move twenty-five percent more air and use twenty percent less energy than conventional fans.

These revolutionary forays into biomimicry suggest that plants and animals can act as stimuli for the future, inspiring systems which are environmentally sustainable and economically efficient. These designs are only the start, but they provide an exciting foretaste of the lessons to be learned from biomimicry.

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Air Conditioning Step-by-Step Maintenance

Air conditioners are built to remove the humidity from the air and convert and filter this warm moisture to produce cool, cleaner air.

This means that without proper maintenance the filters and vents of an air conditioner can get clogged with things such as, dust particles and cigarette smoke, and even form mildew. If left, the results of your air conditioner may be affected and consequently, cause costly and sometimes, irreparable damage.

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The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

The air conditioner was invented by a very clever fellow, Willis Haviland Carrier in 1902. Carrier asked to develop a device that would take away the moisture from a paper factory (Sackett-Wihlems Lithographing & Publishing Company). The moisture that would form during the hot summer months would soak into the paper and cause difficulties when it came to applying layered ink.

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The Benefits of Portability

There are numerous advantages to air conditioning, such as the various health benefits. For example, the functionality of air purification, which helps to eliminate funguses, mites, smoke, micro-organisms and odours, as well as the filters which trap dust and pollen, helping those who suffer with allergies such as hay fever. Continue reading

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What did we do before air conditioning?

The majority of buildings are now come complete with air conditioning. It’s a basic necessity for some places, such as server rooms and a generally a nice comfort to have in the office and at home. But what did we do before air conditioning? I suppose some of us may have stood with the fridge door open, or gorged ourselves on ice lollies. Some of us may have carried those dainty little fans around and very elegantly cooled ourselves down that way, or I suppose there was always those battery powered fans, some of which (if you were lucky) sprayed water at the touch of a button. Then there was the generic trip to the beach, although that was only good if you lived near a beach, otherwise it meant an early rise commitment and then organising how to get there and then after all of that it was only ever a one off visit.

Then there was making ice cubes…but then you’d want to be a bit more creative and then soon you realise the only bottle you’ve got in is some weird flavour of juice some kid’s parent bought to the last party. But then, waste not want not, so you’d be forced to all have these disgusting icy creations you’ve just invented in every drink. There was also the method of drinking a cup of hot tea to cool you down; I’m not sure where the logic is in that…? Then there’s opening the window, which is lovely, except when it’s so hot that it makes it even hotter in your room with it open; and then all the little bugs start to descent onto you.

Then there’s of course, the local swimming pool, yes, a lovely dip in the pool…but then there’s always the risk of being constantly splashed in the face and the noise!

…But with Pure Air Conditioning you can leave the ice, the noise and the bugs behind, simply switch on and feel the breeze.

Yes, that’s much better.

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Easy air conditioner handling tips for good results

Almost anywhere you go, there is one common appliance that you will find, and these are air conditioning units. Whether it is at home, office, store, factory or anywhere else, air conditioning units have slowly yet surely become an essential part of our lives.

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Simple Tips from Pure Air Conditioning

The time of the year has come again when people are looking for alternatives to deal with the summer heat. One of the most preferred ways of staying cool at this time of year is by installing an air conditioning system in the home or office. There are various kinds of air conditioning systems available and for this reason people should take time to choose the right unit.

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Improving an Air Conditioning Unit’s Efficiency Through Maintenance

Air conditioning units are very popular and help to provide comfort to their users. They are quite useful especially during hot summers. They make a good investment. However, an air conditioning unit needs to be serviced regularly to avoid poor cooling, breakdown and possible critical damage to the unit. The most common problems faced by many people using air conditioning units are faulty cooling, rattling sounds from the unit, formation of water pools below the air conditioning unit, malfunctioning temperature control and much more. These problems can be easily solved by hiring a professional to service your air conditioning unit.

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