Electronics Giant Samsung Cool Down

From television sets to refrigerators, they are known the world over for being an electronics giant, but now, South Korean company, Samsung Co LTD have announced that they are to add US air conditioning distributor, Quietside LLC, to their portfolio.

The South Korean company Samsung acquired the entire 100% of the company Quietside in a bid to branch out and make even more of an impact on the North American market.
Quietside, who have been established since the 90s, have been distributors of high quality HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) products to the USA and Canada.

Samsung have supplied Quietside with their range of moneysaving HVAC products since 1997. The company will even be able to distribute the Samsung DVMS system, which can be either indoor or outdoor and promises to provide top class energy efficiency. Now that Samsung have purchased Quietside, it will enable them to have a better access to the energy efficient range that Samsung have to offer. A huge investment will be made in the serving of North America, which will mean the opening up of more job vacancies to enable this to run successfully.

The founder of Quietside has expressed his happiness towards this new venture saying, “The acquisition of Quietside by Samsung provides a terrific benefit to our customers and employees…The rapid growth of our product categories in North America provides a great opportunity for us to scale our business rapidly to meet the needs of the market. The operational capabilities of Samsung and the strength of the Samsung brand will mean incredible opportunities for us all going forward.”

Samsung have expressed their view to become number one in regards to being the maker of home appliances worldwide, and they aim to achieve this by 2015. They seem to be succeeding as far as this dream is concerned as this is not the only acquisition that the electronics giant have made of late, as recently they also purchased SmartThings, an app developer whose apps are used to control a number of devices in the home.

When it comes to air conditioning, we supply a huge range of high quality, portable air conditioners for both homes and offices alike. If you want further information on the options available for air conditioning units for your home and business, browse our extensive collection online today.

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American Schools Battle to Beat the Heat

Several schools in Colorado USA have been without air conditioning in some of the hottest temperatures recorded this summer. The schools are homed in Pueblo, a particularly arid area with a substantial amount of desert land and so it goes without saying that this area is no stranger to exceedingly high temperatures during the long summer months, reaching as high as 43 degrees Celsius (109 degrees Fahrenheit) in recent years.

A combination of old buildings and soaring temperatures has meant that classrooms have been almost unbearable for students heading back to school after their summer holidays. Unfortunately, due to many of the buildings being so old it seems that air conditioning is not present in the majority of them. Scott Jones, director of PR for District 60 (the area in Colorado) has said, “Most of these schools in Pueblo are relatively old, and as such, when they were built, putting air conditioning into these schools was not a usual occurrence”.

To combat the heat, teachers and pupils are resorting to a number of different methods, from opening all the windows they can as early as possible, to bringing fans into classrooms, to encouraging the pupils to wear light summer clothes and remember to bring water with them each day. Scott Jones has described the schools as having taken “a more proactive role,” in coming up with ideas to help their pupils survive the heat.

Several pupils at the affected high schools have been interviewed and many have shown a mature attitude towards the difficult situation, one pupil, Rosalia Aguler, who is a sophomore attending East High School said, “We don’t really complain about it. It is hot. We have to deal with it. It is school”. Despite the efforts of both pupils and teachers to deal with the heat as best they can, it is feared that if the heatwave continues then unfortunately schools may have to be closed, or implicate early closures until the heat subsides.

It appears that schools in this state are not the only ones to have suffered due to lack of substantial air conditioning as pupils in both North Carolina and Washington have been suffering due to high temperatures and faulty air con. Some schools even had reported closures due to the insufferable heat, after having only been open for a matter of days following the summer holidays.

Luckily, we don’t often see temperatures this high in the UK, but this summer we have seen our fair share of hot weather. Don’t suffer with uncomfortable temperatures and lack of air conditioning, we have a wide range of air conditioning units available for both residential and commercial properties. Browse our range online today, and don’t hesitate to contact our helpful customer service team if you require assistance or should you have any further questions.

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Renaissance Masterpiece Warped by Intense Italian Summer Heat

Italy is country well known for being a warm, sticky place, especially in the summer months. The summer heat can often make many of us feel as though we are melting, but unfortunately, this is just what has happened to a famous painting at the Galleria Borghese in Rome, Italy.

The famous masterpiece named simply, Deposition, was painted by renowned Renaissance artist Raphael in 1507 and depicts the Christ being carried down from the cross. Even though the artwork has survived for over 500 years, it seems that faulty air conditioning systems in the Rome gallery have caused the painting to warp in the Italian heat. The warping of this painting is just one of many worrying complaints concerning the maintenance and care for several other of Italy’s ancient wonders, including Pompeii and the collapse of a large part of Nero’s palace in 2009.

Unfortunately, this is an occurrence that could perhaps have been prevented. The gallery director Anna Colvia has in the past brought attention to the fact that the air conditioning system was “completely worn out”, having not been updated since 1997. In spite of the fact that Ms Colvia had resorted to alerting the Italian press about the problems with the air-con system, these claims were later dismissed by Daniela Porro, Rome’s head of museums and despite her efforts, her calls for help were consistently ignored by fellow staff members.

Staff at the Borghese gallery have made attempts to save the painting, placing it near open windows and placing de-humidifier systems close to the painting in the hopes that it would reverser the effects of the heat and straighten itself out. According to Colvia, these efforts have had at least some effect as thankfully the damage that affected the painting has been undone. One positive consequence of this event is that it has drawn the staff’s attention to the need to cool down the other artwork in their care, and the air conditioning system is slowly but surely being updated.

You may not have an original Raphael painting hung up in your home, but it is important to ensure that you have the correct air conditioning for your home or office building. Browse our extensive options online today to find the best option for you.

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How Air Conditioning Changed the Face of Modern Life

In hot climates, air conditioning plays a crucial role in everyday life. What you might not know, is that this technology that we so often take for granted has a rather interesting history, and has played a huge role in changing our architecture and even the development of computers…

Air conditioning was, in fact, first invented in the 1800s, but back then nobody wanted to use it. Excess heat was something Victorian society chose to bear, with the mindset that hot conditions were determined by God, so any uncomfortableness that came as a result was to simply be tolerated.

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How to Treat Your Staff This Summer

The summertime is best spent outside with a glass of something cold in your hand and your favourite pair of shades on. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us have to go to work each day, and as a result, we might not be as productive as we’d like to be. Therefore, it falls to the manager to motivate their staff. But how can you motivate your team when you’re keeping them at their desks during the time of the year when the weather is best.

Drinks in and out of the Office

To treat your staff, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. A treat is all about the gesture, so something as simple as an ice cold beverage after a hard day’s work could be enough to please everybody. This won’t necessarily cost you a lot, but after a day in an office, it could be just what the doctor ordered, and it might be a great way to bring the team together.

Laptops and Tablets around Town

As opposed to chaining your employees to their desks inside, if you can afford I, it might make more sense to provide your employees with laptops and tablets. You could even allow them to bring their own laptops to work and use those. They’ll need to be PAT tested first, but once they’ve passed that, a bring-your-laptop-to-work day could allow people to work out of doors or in a more comfortable space than at their desks. A great treat.

Shorts and Sandals Days

Along the same lines, you could allow your team members to wear shorts and sandals on particularly hot days to make working in those hot temperatures more manageable. And as we all know, a non-uniform day is everybody’s favourite cheap. And best of all to you, it’s free to implement and will probably make your office a more vibrant, exciting place to be.

A Chilly Temperature Inside

Finally, it could be worth investing in some air conditioning, decent wall and ceiling insulation and some thick blinds to help make your office seem little a bit more of a manageable place to work on those really intolerable days. Air conditioning might not seem like the most direct ‘treat’, but actually, your work colleague’s will thank you greatly if they walk in from the sauna of the street into a cool, temperature-controlled office.

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Will This Summer Be the Hottest Ever?

According to many scientists’ views, this year could be the warmest ever recorded. With the British summer usually being a relatively tepid affair, the warm weather of July has put a smile on the faces of many (and an extra-large frown on the faces of hay fever sufferers!). So what can you do as a sun scared British person to protect yourself from the worst of the hot weather?  Read on.

If you’ve spent all summer inside, you might not have realised that outside, the sun is shining bright in the sky and the temperatures are soaring. With an average day-and-night temperature of 16.3C, this July has been the joint-eighth warmest since records began in 1910. So what does this mean for the unassuming Brit?

How Does the Unassuming Brit Fair?

As an average Brit, you’re probably used to no more extreme temperatures than a reasonable amount of rain or a sunny day. However, this summer has seen weeks of endless sun, with the highest temperatures getting into the low 30s – particularly in London, where a densely populated skyline decreases the amount of wind, and increases pollution, and therefore raises the average temperature.

With Brits extremely susceptible to the harsh rays of the summer sun, there have been many people walking around the UK with a sunburn. And of course, with the weather capable of turning sour at any given moment, who wants to stop sunbathing to go inside?

Protecting Yourself Against the Sun?

Although you might want to stay outside in the glaring sun, you need to remember to look after yourself at the same time. This means Applying sun cream during the day and after sun or a strong moisturiser during the evening. Wear sunglasses with UV ray protection, and make sure you drink plenty of fluids.

If you work in an office, ensure that your air conditioning is on enough to keep you cool, and remember if you go out at lunch to apply the same safety precautions as you would do if you were spending a day in the sun, as any amount of over exposure if unhealthy.

Making the Most of It Whilst It Lasts

The heat wave won’t be around forever, and although the summer has been extremely kind to us so far, things could be about ready to go back to normal. With the mini-flood at the weekend following almost a month’s rain downpour, could the UK be about to go back to its dreary self?  If so, it could be a good idea to make the most of the good weather whilst it’s still good.

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The 4 Upgrades Your Office Needs

Now that the recession is over and businesses are starting to have a little bit more money coming through their books, this could be the perfect time to start thinking about those well-needed upgrades that your office needs. So open a new Word document and copy and paste a few of these ideas. Some of them might be pipe dreams, but the sooner you introduce them to your management team, the sooner they’re likely to become a reality.

1 – Collaborative Benches

First, if your team members are all sat individually or hidden behind large desktop computers, it’s time to get your priorities right. People work better when they are able to collaborate, so enabling this by installing long work benches should be number one on your list. Even something like outdoor picnic benches would be a great place to start, as these are inexpensive and would add a touch of personality to your office space.

2 – Gym and Showers

The happiness of your employees is important, and a good place to start with enhancing employee morale is by allowing your team to exercise more before work and during their lunch breaks by installing a gym and showers at your work space. A small work-out space doesn’t need to cost the world and or include every machine on the market. In fact, your employees would likely be happy with a couple of running machines, a cross trainer and a space to do group exercise classes. A shower or two will allow your team to jog or cycle to work and still feel fresh all day long. They’ll probably be more productive because of the exercise too.

3 – Temperature and Lighting Control

If you don’t have automated air conditioning or lighting, now’s the time to change your ways. It’s the twenty first century and energy supplies are scarce. More immediately important for your business, having modern air conditioning units and lighting that can be controlled by a phone app or from a web browser can save your company thousands each year, so with both a financial and environmental incentives to upgrade these essential facilities, why would you put the task off.

4 – Throw out the Old fashioned Desktops

This final tip goes well with the first one on the list. Ultimately, the 21st century is all about portable technology. The advent of smartphones and tablets means that you are no longer chained to a desktop computer – or even a laptop – to consult the web, explore social media, read and respond to emails and add events to your calendar. Therefore, if your work still retains old fashioned desktops, provide your employees with a laptop and a tablet. This might seem like an expensive investment, but it will make them more productive in the long run, as they will more easily be able to take their work home and integrate it more with their existing technology.

So there you have it: 4 upgrades your office desperately needs. What upgrades are you planning on your office? Leave a comment and let us know.

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How to Create Your Home Business and Use Air Conditioning to Your Advantage

The UK economy is finally at pre-recession growth rate levels, and this means that British people have more money in their collective pockets than they have done for the past half-decade. Ideally, this means that if you’ve been thinking about starting a home business, now could be the perfect time to do so. With that in mind, we’ve created this little guide to starting your home business, and of course, we explain how air conditioning can help you to be more profitable.

The Perfect Plan

Whether you simply have a good idea or you’ve actually gone ahead and created a fully-fledged out business idea, no business can establish itself without a perfect business plan. This is because however thorough you think you’ve been with the idea that’s in your head, you’re bound to have forgotten something, so with a written plan, you can ensure your business sis going to be truly viable.

A good example of this is actually air conditioning. You might not think about it, but if you’re going to be running a number of computers or have multiple screens and technology en-masse in your little office, you’ll probably require some reasonably powerful air conditioning to keep the electronics ticking over at their most efficient. If you write a plan, you’re less likely to forget crucial elements such as these.

Modern Air Conditioning Technology that Can Save You Money

A good business needs to use technology to its advantage – that’s why we use email and Microsoft Office. However, technology shouldn’t just be efficient; it should be cost-saving. Air conditioning might seem like a great way to throw money out of the window, but actually, modern air conditioning units can be automated and controlled remotely via phone application or from a secure web page. This sort of technology doesn’t only make controlling your air conditioning easier, it also makes it more cost-effective, as you can remotely turn off the air conditioning when it isn’t needed.

Managing Your Environment to Make You More Productive

Ultimately, a business is only as profitable as the people that work there, so you need to be on your game if you want to make maximal money. To do this, create your perfect working environment. This means controlled air temperatures using air conditioning, mood lighting that won’t damage your eyes, and a nearby water tap so that you can remain hydrated.

All of these are little things, but combined, they help to create the perfect home business, and as you can see, air conditioning plays a significant part.

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R22 Legislation – How the New Environmental Laws Could Impact Your Business

It’s a well-known fact that the way we currently conduct business and consume creates a big impact on the environment. There are now new developments in the law to protect the ozone layer, with a deadline for companies to do so before next year. This is called the R22 Refrigerant Legislation or the ‘R22 Phase Out’. If you own, lease or manage a commercial property then here’s what you need to know.

What Is R22?

R22 is a refrigerant gas that has been extremely popular and widespread for over a decade as an effective and efficient refrigerant. It is actually a Hydrocholoflourocarbon (HCFC), which means that it has ozone depletion potential when it is released into the atmosphere.

If your air-conditioning equipment is over 10 years old, then it will most likely contain R22 and will need to be replaced. Here’s why…

What Has Changed?

According to the UK government and wider EU’s regulations to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases that are damaging the environment, a new law states HCFC’s should be phased out by December 2014. Although this date has passed, many businesses are still not aware that their equipment needs to be changed. But they better act fast, as the use of R22 will actually be illegal from January 2015.

Businesses who fail to take any action will find that their systems are unserviceable and could risk spending a large amount of money to fix the issue or even worse. Read more on the subject at CN Plus who have reported on the problem and how the number of companies ignoring the legislation will be at risk in the future.

What Should I Do?

If you use commercial property, you should first identify if your air conditioning is actually functioning on R22. It is best to do this as early as possible to give plenty of time for the required services, assessments and changes.

There are less harmful ‘drop-in’ gases available on the market to replace R22 that comply with EC ozone regulations as they have zero ozone depletion potential. However these carry their own risks of reliability, performance so be sure to get a thorough consultation on the best route to take. There are many companies that can be found online now who will install new air conditioning commercially and be able to quote you before.

So don’t let yourself get caught out last minute with the strict R22 this year regulations. Seek reputable advice from a specialised air conditioning service that can help you make the right choice.

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Ways to Improve your Staff Morale this Summer

Every employer would like to improve staff morale in the workplace with the aim of maximising efficiency and business potential.

During the summer months morale is likely to slip at work due to low staff numbers (people taking more holidays), post-holiday blues and hot weather.


If you’re a manager and you want your staff to be more motivated, then don’t forget that it begins with your attitude in work. If you can smile and have fun with your employees then they are likely to enjoy and appreciate the working environment more.


The area you work in can also have a strong impact on the mood of your staff members. If you work in an office environment it may be especially important to decorate and brighten it up, considering your employees ideas. This could be achieved on a small budget, as a lick of paint and some images may be all it takes.

Also ensure that the office temperature is correct and that there is a good amount of ventilation. If your members of staff are overheated at work then this is going to have a detrimental effect on work progress. Make sure that you or someone else is checking that other people are keeping cool with open windows, air conditioning, fans and plenty of water.


Everyone enjoys knowing that their work is appreciated and so there is no reason not to thank your staff for doing a great job outside of reviews. It’s also a good idea to ask for feedback as well as providing feedback to employees, if people think their opinion is valuable in a company it will most definitely increase morale.

Team Building

Team building exercises are a great way to get members of staff to work better together and create a good atmosphere. This could also be a good way to introduce new members of staff to the rest of a team. For example, team lunches, days out or a fundraising event are all good options.


Another way to spread some happiness is with some freebies or early finishes on sunny days. Simple perks to the job can lift people’s spirits and make them feel as though their hard work is recognised and rewarded. These ‘freebies’ could include gym membership passes or childcare vouchers or anything that is feasible for you to obtain. Giving employees perks doesn’t have to be a huge expense to your company and sometimes the small gestures can be just as important.

So, now you don’t need to worry about staff members losing focus in the summer months. Just as long as you can implement some or all of these tips to keep staff morale high.

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