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Air Conditioning Units to be utilised in the Fight against Ebola

The current Ebola crisis in West Africa is an unprecedented and unqualified disaster. More than 20,000 people are reported to be infected with the disease as of January 2015 and the estimated number of deaths is said to have risen above 8,000.

Such frightening statistics are difficult to comprehend in the more developed countries and states around the world, as we are fortunate to have the medical care and informed safety measures to prevent such outbreaks from spreading. Perhaps what is particularly humbling though, is that the almost perpetual cycle of new infections in West Africa are predominately borne out of a lack of proper facilities, treatment and information.

For several months now, international aid efforts and volunteer support have been working tirelessly to stop the outbreak spreading further. And, fortunately, there are now glimmers of hope starting to appear amongst the darkness of this situation.

Containment Methods

Scientific research has indicated that the Ebola virus itself can only survive in hot and humid climates, which in the extreme heat of several West Africa, has so far only exacerbated the situation. Subsequently, both medical and military facilities complete with their industrial air conditioning are being mobilised where possible, to care for patients in cool conditions under 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cold but also dry conditions work towards preventing the virus from spreading as it cannot survive in these low temperatures. However, the unfortunate situation is that this seemingly simple solution is easier in theory, than in practise.

The Ongoing Battle for Treatment

The already impoverished West African countries such as Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia lack even the most basic of medical units to help deal with the outbreak. Needless to say, Air conditioning units are a rare commodity in these places and the expense of importing international aid is now often stretching beyond the means of many charities.

This combined with no current established treatment procedures for Ebola, blatantly means more needs to be done in terms of foreign financial support. We have the technology and potentially life-saving air conditioning available and ready to be sent to West Africa, providing we start supporting our charities more. Should you want to offer your support, there are a number of appeals out there ready to accept any donations.

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Cool Jewellery – Wearable Air Conditioning?

If someone was to ask you to describe what a typical air conditioning unit was like, you’d be forgiven for not thinking – if you’ll forgive the pun – too much outside the box. You might describe something like a square shaped unit, possibly mounted on a wall, or in the ceiling. Imagine for a moment though that you were then asked to describe an air conditioning unit you could wear, what would you say?

The answer to such a question is currently in development by a group of students from MIT. Working in their own setup named ‘embr labs’ the team have created a prototype model of wearable bracelet, which acts as a portable, personal air conditioner. Aptly, named ‘Wristify’ it can cool or warm the wearer depending on what they prefer.

Trying to Please Everyone

Sam Shames, one of the lead inventors on the team, suggested how the idea was borne out of the group’s desire to have a comfortable working environment. Some were finding conditions too hot and some too cold, which was detrimental to their productivity.

After taking a look at the way the human body perceives and reacts to different temperatures, the foundations of the Wristify project were laid down. Shames explained:

‘The human body and human skin is not like a thermometer. If I put something cold directly on your body at a constant temperature, the body acclimates and no longer perceives it as cold.’

How Does it Work?

Strictly speaking, Wristify doesn’t technically work in the same way as a typical air conditioning unit, its description is based around the physiological effect it has on the human body.

The bracelet works thermoelectrically and sends hot or cold pulses through the wearer’s wrist to essentially make our bodies think they are a certain temperature.

Award Winning Design

Despite still being in the early development stages, the device was awarded first place at MIT’s annual competition for Science and Engineering and the team has enjoyed a $10,000 prize. However, Wristify is still a long way off becoming something we might find on the high-street. The team are still working on making the device safe and reliable, which is expected to take quite a while.

In the meantime, tried and tested air conditioning units continue to be as popular as ever thanks to their reliability and efficient climate control. Have a look online at what we can offer you here at Pure Air Conditioning.

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Extreme Heat and Poor Air Conditioning Causes Internet Shutdown in Parts of Australia

The importance of having effective air conditioning was once again highlighted after scorching summer temperatures caused an internet blackout. The systems protecting the servers at one of Australia’s largest Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Perth, failed to cope with the sweltering 44 degrees Celsius temperatures.

This was claimed by reports to be one of the hottest January days on record and subsequently led to failures of both the main air conditioning, and the backup systems used to keep the servers cool. It was the users of the iiNet service that were hardest hit, with thousands of customers unable to use the internet for a period lasting nearly seven hours.

‘A Precautionary Measure’

A spokesperson of the company said it was them who had made the decision to cut the power however:

‘Due to record breaking temperatures in our Perth data centre earlier today, we shut down our servers as a precautionary measure.’

The chief technology officer of iiNet Mark Dioguardi, also offered his comments regarding the incident and claimed the shutdown was not as widespread as first reported: ‘Network redundancy plans ensured over 98% of our customers’ broadband services were unaffected’. He did concede however that ‘some customers experienced issues connecting to the internet’.

Angry Responses

Despite being disconnected from the web, iiNet was faced with a barrage of complaints and criticism on Twitter and Facebook from its customers. Many aired their dismay at iiNet’s lack of foresight when dealing with the hot weather. Mr Dioguardi did go on to apologise to those affected by the situation in his statement when he said:

‘We are conducting a full investigation into this event and putting systems in place to avoid this happening in the future. iiNet apologises to our customers for any inconvenience caused.’

Basic Mistakes

Following this incident, it is clear that iiNet need to consider is the basic mistakes they have made in not properly looking after their IT systems. Such important equipment needs to be in a temperature controlled environment that comes from reliable air conditioning units.

If you have any concerns this could be a problem for you, have a look through what we have on offer here at Pure Air Conditioning and invest in some units that will ensure your IT equipment is always protected.

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New Technology in Development for Cleaner Air Conditioning in Cars

Any car driver out there will invariably tell you that it can be a bit of a nightmare if your car doesn’t have air conditioning. Picture the scene, it’s the height of summer and you’re stuck in your car during rush hour. Already this is quite a frustrating situation but just imagine not having any way of keeping yourself cool. It’s almost a literal Hell on Earth.

That being said however, despite being ridiculously warm, at least you won’t fall foul of some of the problems that some drivers of older and not very well maintained vehicles are facing.

They’re in the Vents

It has been revealed that moisture caused by condensation in the air conditioning units of such cars can be a potential breeding ground for fungi, microbes and bacteria. Then, when drivers then turn on their units, the air flow is releasing said germs out through the vents, causing in some cases, allergic reactions.

New Devices

Thankfully, Biochemical Engineers based in Poland have created a new device which they claim is a way of getting rid of these germs. The compact device basically uses chemical process to rid your vehicle’s air conditioning units from these unwanted microbes and provide you with fresh clean air.

Dawid Sobczak, one of the inventors, offered this explanation:

‘The device is installed in the air conditioning channel…Inside, there is a titanium plate where, due to the electrochemical process, nanotubes appear. Thanks to that, the (devices) UV diodes lighting the titanium surface with the nanotubes causes a chemical reaction, which leads to the creation of active forms of oxygen that get rid of all the microbiological and odour contamination.’

Based on tests carried out so far, they have managed to get rid of almost 100% of the germs that might be found, and, say it can be fitted to any vehicle.

An Important Reminder

Despite the nature of this story, don’t let it worry you too much, after all this has only happened in a small number of cases. Plus the new technology in development can easily combat this problem in the future.

Simply treat this as a reminder to properly maintain and look after your air conditioning units, no matter how big or small. Get them cleaned and filtered regularly to not only prevent any issues but also ensure their longevity.

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Air Conditioning Systems installed to Protect Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is one of Italy’s biggest tourist sites and can see tens of thousands of visits every day. Visitors are often keen to catch a glimpse of Michelangelo’s iconic painted ceiling as well as a wealth of stunning architecture and beautiful frescoes. Unfortunately though, these vast numbers of people are beginning to cause damage to the interior of this famous landmark from the air pollution they are bringing in.

According to Vatican officials, they have noticed build ups of pollutants developing on several frescoes, which over time could lead to irreparable damage. The Vatican’s Museums director Antonio Paulucci offered his comments on the causation in the Vatican’s newspaper L’Osservatore Romano when he wrote:

‘Such a huge load of people produces a mixture of dust brought in from the outside, bodily humidity and carbon dioxide which ends up on the surfaces of the frescoes and can over time start to have a harmful effect on their preservation.’

Out with the Old in with the New

The solution has been to install a new air conditioning system to provide a more controlled and safer atmosphere inside the chapel. This has come following a series of investigations into the environment in the Sistine Chapel, which have lasted around three years.

This new system is to replace the old and ineffective air-con units installed in the 1990s. Although it would appear the Vatican has ‘kept the faith’ with the American-based company who fitted the originals, by once again using their services. The units themselves are said to be silent, and have been set to keep the temperature and humidity at specific levels that allow visitors to comfortably view the artwork, while not causing any damage.

Other Notable Changes

Those wanting to visit the Sistine Chapel will have to be prepared to wait a little longer in the queues though. The Vatican has limited the amount of visitors to no more than 2,000 at a time in order to further protect the building’s interior. Although as those who have already been there will qualify, it is worth the wait to preserve such a beautiful place.

This whole situation can be seen as a wake-up call for tourist attractions and homes across the UK that may contain fragile works. It is important to protect these pieces of our artistic and cultural history, so browse what we have on offer to find something that can provide you with a safe and protective climate.

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Proper Air Conditioning in Schools – A Key to Effective Education

Your school years are an important and formative part of your life. Not only do you gain more social skills, you face rigorous examinations that provide you with the qualifications needed to shape your working future.

The fundamentals of this system remain to this day and the majority of secondary pupils across the country prepare for, and sit, these important exams during the summer months of the year. While we don’t necessarily have summers as hot as other parts of the world, if you’ve ever worked or been in a room with a number of others at this time of the year, you’ll appreciate how unbearable it can be. This is the struggle that both pupils and teachers alike face every year in many schools.

The Negative Effects

There are a number of studies into how the weather can affect your mood, and how heat in particular can cause changes in our attitude and personality. A standard class size of thirty 15/16 year old pupils can cause the conditions in a class room to quickly become humid, sticky and ultimately unproductive.  Pupils can lack enthusiasm, or become quite irritable with one another when they need to be as focused as possible on their studies.

This can be compounded when you combine these conditions with yet more pupils and the high-pressure situation of an exam. Considering this is meant to be a child’s opportunity to demonstrate their best abilities, it seems quite unfair that they should have to do it under such circumstances.

The Simple Solution

The best way to combat these issues is a simple one – install effective air conditioning. By having a controlled climate within a classroom or exam hall, the nation’s pupils will be far more focused and their overall performance can dramatically improve.

If reports into climate change are to be believed the summer months are only going to continue to get warmer and ultimately make the situation worse for many. Spare a thought for the countries with extremely hot summer climates like Australia, where parents are having to campaign for government funding for new air conditioning units, in order to provide their children with decent educational environments.

So, from primary to secondary and higher education, the installation of proper air conditioning in our schools is the easy way to give our pupils the best opportunities.

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Theft of Air Conditioning Units on the Rise in America

Over the last few months a number of noticeable incidents involving the theft of air conditioning units have been recorded across a number of states in America. What makes this all the more intriguing is the scale of some of these thefts, leading some police departments in these states to issue warnings to the public.

On the Run

A man from Lynbrook, New York recently admitted to the theft of a number of air conditioning units from two local companies. The man named as Rodrigo Leiton entered a guilty plea when he was eventually caught, having stolen $2000 worth of industrial units. Similarly, a man in Clarksville, Tennessee was apprehended following a car chase and foot pursuit after it was reported his vehicle was carrying a number of stolen air conditioning units and equipment. The motive behind these two thefts has yet to be fully determined.

Petty and Sizable Theft

There are some cases that have still yet to be solved. The city of Murfreesboro, Tennessee has seen upwards of $20,000 dollars in damage done to two commercial air conditioning units. In this instance, rather than taking the unit themselves, the thieves had taken the copper coils out of them, leaving the broken and unusable units behind. The same crime has been reported in Bastrop, Texas where a number of homes and businesses have been targeted, all with the copper coils removed. The Bastrop Police Department are currently at a loss as to who could have done this and have appealed for any witnesses with relevant information to come forward.

Arguably the most distressing of all these cases though is the reported theft of two large exterior units from a New Jersey church. With a value of $2000 the crime is believed to have occurred overnight in November and unfortunately the church is unable to afford any replacements.

The Importance of Protection

While such incidents of crime and destruction are not as common here in the UK, they can still happen – this case in Peterborough being one example. It is a good reminder of the importance of ensuring your air conditioning units are protected and looked after, particularly in commerce where comfortable working conditions are a must. Thankfully, here at Pure Air Conditioning we can help should the worst happen by providing you with emergency repair, breakdown services and hire.

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Huge Boom in Saudi Arabia’s Air Conditioning Markets Predicted

The rapid and extensive development of Saudi Arabia’s major cities in the last decade has already put them as one of the leading consumers of air conditioning units. According to a recent report however, this growth is expected to rise even further and exceed $25 billion by the year 2019.

A Number of Factors

The report, called ‘Saudi Arabia Air Conditioner Market Forecast & Opportunities’ created by TechSci Research, has attributed this future boom to a number of factors.  The first being the country’s hot and extreme climate, which during the peak of summer can see temperatures reaching upwards of 55 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the Middle East’s summer season is said to dominate the year lasting up to 9 months.

Another contributing factor is the substantial amount of building projects being put forward by a number of wealthy investors to be put into development as soon as possible. These projects include the construction of: more residential properties and high-end hotels to cope with the country’s increasing tourism; schools and educational facilities; as well as more offices and commercial developments in the country’s major cities.

A Bright Future

Based on this information the report has indicated the demand for air conditioning units will see significant growth over the next four years. A Research Director for TechSci Research, Karan Chechi offered his views on the bright future for air conditioning companies investing in this development:

‘Major Saudi Arabian cities such as Riyadh, Jeddah and Makkah are witnessing rapid infrastructural development, thereby providing a huge growth opportunity for air conditioner companies to offer complete air conditioning solutions to their customers in these cities.’

He went on to comment on the importance of having such units when he said: ‘Moreover, as Saudi Arabia experiences a very hot climate for the majority of the year, air conditioners have become more of a necessity product rather than a luxury item, and with growing income levels, the demand would continue to grow over the next five years.’

The extent of this boom will reveal itself over the next five years; there are hopes that the demand will only continue to rise after this as the country becomes more developed. Further to this, there’s the potential for other neighbouring countries in the Middle East to follow a similar path as Saudi Arabia. Dubai and Qatar are two examples that have already a number of developments – the latter beginning their preparations for the World Cup in 2022.

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The Key to Happy Employees: How to Create a Great Place to Work

Happy, engaged employees are proven to be more productive, create happier customers and outperform their less engaged counterparts. However, very few employees feel that they are fully engaged with their work.

So how do you engage your employees and get the most out of them? The first, major thing is to change the focus from getting the most out of your employees to investing more in them physically, emotionally and mentally.

Physical Investment

  • Commit to paying your employees at least a living wage. The minimum wage does not necessarily translate into a wage that someone can live off. A living wage will vary depending on the individual’s circumstances, but you can figure out what a living wage is with this calculator. An employee can easily become disgruntled when they cannot afford to live whilst the CEO is paid millions. Richard Branson himself said

“Ridiculous yachts and private planes and big limousines won’t make people enjoy life more, and it sends out terrible messages to the people who work for them.”

  • Design work environments that are safe and comfortable to work in. Supportive chairs, a controllable climate and a well-planned interior all contribute to this. The workplace should cater to different styles of working too. Provide space for collaboration, private meetings, eating and simply hanging out.
  • Give employees a stake in the success of the business. From performance related bonuses to profit sharing, if an employee can share in the success of a company in a meaningful way, they will become more invested in it.
  • Hire an effective HR team that will hold executives accountable, as well as being able to teach and influence them, so that only the people who are truly qualified and deserve to be promoted are.

Emotional Investment

  • Define success for every role and then let your employees achieve it autonomously.
  • Hold managers accountable for the recognition of employees’ success, and their respectful treatment.
  • Stand for something more than just making a profit, and tell employees how they fit in to achieving this goal. Happy employees feel that they are contributing something of value to the world through their work for your company.
  • Introduce two-way performance reviews, so your employees receive regular feedback, and also have the opportunity to give feedback on their managers and leadership.

Mental Investment

  • Provide employees with incentives to develop and learn new skills throughout their time at your company.
  • Create policies that mean that employees can set aside time to focus on a particular project of their choice.
  • Set an example with your leadership. Incorporate these things into your own working life and display positive beliefs and they will have a trickledown effect into the culture of your company.

The items on this list vary in their degree of difficulty, and some are more tangible than others. Installing an air conditioning unit to make your workplace physically more comfortable, for instance, is relatively easy compared to setting an example with your leadership. However, if they contribute to your employees trusting your leadership, having pride in what they do, and enjoying the people that they work with, then they are an investment well worth the effort.

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