Air Conditioning Bedford: Installation & Maintenance

Air Conditioning Installation Bedford

If you live, work or own property in Bedford, then you may be wondering how you can keep cool in such an exciting city. Here at Pure Air Conditioning, we know that you want your property to be a comfortable temperature, which is why we offer the best air conditioning units, as well as maintenance and repair services.

Types of Air Conditioning

There are two options for air conditioning units in Bedford; ‘central’ and ‘room’ units.

The central air conditioner is often used to provide comfort for large companies and buildings, such as industrial or commercial spaces.

However, this is not cost effective for all businesses, and smaller premises may find that room air conditioners are a better choice. They are less expensive, and they can be mounted on windows or fixed on an external wall.

Which is Best for You?

Before you consider buying air conditioner systems in Bedford, you must think about the air conditioning capacity and energy efficiency of a unit and the way it is installed first. A badly suited air conditioning unit will waste energy.

Should You Install It?

It is always advisable to employ professional Bedford air conditioner installers, rather than doing it yourself. However, if you do plan on installing it yourself, then you must follow this advice:

–          Your unit should be installed in a safe spot, preferably in a shaded place without direct exposure to the sun.

–          Never hide external air conditioner parts behind shrubbery.

–          Room air conditioners should be installed on a flat surface.

–          The air conditioner unit must fit snugly in its sleeve.

–          You must waterproof the front and rear filter plates, top and side flanges and gasketing.

Maintenance and Repair

Here at Pure Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of making sure that your unit is running smoothly. We offer a maintenance and repair service in Bedford, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re well looked after.

Get in Contact 

So if you’re in Bedford and need to cool down your home, hotel or office, then make sure that you get in contact with us today.

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